I love a good coffee, sunflowers, overalls, scrunchies but most of all creativity. For me this means expressing yourself whether its through ink on your skin, paint on your face, the way you chose to dress or the words you chose speak.

My background consists of eight years of hair styling experience & four years of Makeup knowledge where I hold two separate Diplomas in this Industry alongside this came countless hours with copious amounts of coffee of course.

I'm blessed to be a part of an amazing environment at Studio Republic, where I'm lucky enough to wake up and play dress up's every day. literally living my child hood dream. Among this I’m frequently absorbing knowledge from other artists and keeping up to date in my industry to meet new trends as well mastering old fashion techniques too.

My favourite moment of the styling service we provide is the little smirk after the transformation process whether small or large there is something amazing about making someone feel a million bucks!

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