Aloha Beautiful Souls! My name is Bella and I am an adventurous, creative and introverted Psychology Nerd. Confused? Yeah, me, too. But it's ok, I fill my little heart with stories from my own travels, other peoples' life experiences and do art while at it because I really struggle to sit still. Sounds hectic but I actually have quite a calm energy about me. I keep myself grounded with yoga and meditation and spend most of my free time reading, drawing in my sketchbook, and renovating or building furniture.

I truly thrive when I get to beautify something. Be it a person, a dressing table, my bullet journal, my house, the garden or my kitchen drawers (faux grass drawer liners for the win). I constantly strive to improve and grow myself and everything around me. Whatever it is, it makes me feel proud to be alive. Some people might see it as being a bit extra but I love spending an afternoon building a lighting rig to then have an illuminated wardrobe. Or building a fiƫng stool from scratch for my dressing table.

I have the best job in the world. I get to listen to people's life stories while making them look and feel spectacular about themselves; My two favourite things in the world. I am the hair and make up artist, at your service, eager to make your dream version of yourself a reality.

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