Hey I'm Suz and what an amazing opportunity I've been introduced to, working with these beautiful, supportive, creative women and I get to be a part of it every day! Yay.

I've worked and lived overseas most of my life travelling and experiencing new cultures, meeting new people and being a part of their world. I was born in raised in Australia and my back ground is Egyptian Czech and had the pleasure of visiting both of these countries on my travels and meeting my husband in Egypt! I've always loved working with people face to face and being a part of life-changing journey such as this one and getting to see their reactions when they see themselves through someone else's eyes is such a rewarding and happy experience.

I'm a happy go lucky kinda girl who loves RnB beats and likes to have a bit of a dance if I can. The last place I lived overseas was in Dubai and what a place it was. I spent over 5 years there but am so happy to be home in Australia with my son. I look forward to meeting you :)

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