I'll never forget the first moment I walked into Studio Republic's doors and felt like I'd finally come home. We practice everything we preach - confidence, empowerment, being vulnerable and OWNING your own beauty on the outside but more importantly on the INSIDE! (How lucky am I to be a part of something like that?!)

We OWN our individuality and like a family, we each bring our own form of passion, innovation and love into every day and every person that we meet. For most, the idea of a photoshoot can feel a little bit scary (right?). Maybe you’re trying something new, throwing caution to the wind or maybe you want to find that confidence again. My promise (and favourite part about SR) is no matter how vulnerable you are with us (especially me with a camera in my hand!), we will be right by your side the whole time. There is no judgement and I (pinky) promise that if you place your trust in us we will be your biggest cheerleader and show you the real YOU! I can't wait to meet you! X

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