Hi, I'm Traci, a kiwi (don't hold that against me). I was actually born in Sydney and grew up in New Zealand from age 3; moving back at 15 years old as my parents knew we would have better career opportunities in Australia and it turns our in my case that they weren't wrong.

I have been a professional photographer specialising in studio fashion and portraiture for 18 years. I was the youngest in my Diploma of Photography class at just 16 years old and am as passionate about photography today as I was in that first class. My husband Bernhard and I created Studio Republic back in 2009 to help people celebrate their individuality and to empower and elevate all people to be proud of who they are by capturing their most inner self in a timeless reminder of that one moment, where in their own skin, they felt invincible. I had worked at other studios for years and I wanted to create a different type of space where clients didn’t just take “pretty pictures” they had an honest experience of themselves and tapped into their bold confidence and beauty. I wanted and still want to show people how amazing they are so that they feel invincible in their own skin every day!

We are very excited to be celebrating the Studios 10-year anniversary soon! Outside of the studio I love brunching, animals, travel and travel photography and am a massage addict… I could literally lay flat for 8 hours straight and be massaged and I actually have done this before in Bali (don’t judge me- self-care is important)!

I cannot wait to meet you and watch your transformation!

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