It's a New Years Revolution

It's a New Years Revolution

Imagine starting a new year LOVING who you are & totally BELIEVING in YOU... how would that change your day to day experience?

This year, after talking with and photographing hundreds of bold, beautiful clients we have decided to start a rebellion. We are calling BS on New Year Resolutions and invite you to join us.

Instead of focusing on what we don’t have going on in our lives, perceived flaws and you know all the things we think we have to change (which are really in our heads) ….

We are CHOOSING to focus on WHAT IS and see everything in a new light. Someone amazing once said, “when you change how you look at things, the things you look at change…”

So, if you dare, we say SCREW the NEW YEARS RESOLUTION and start with a RADICAL NEW YEARS REVOLUTION celebrating who you are right now and turning your scars into superpowers and your flaws into favourites!

We are giving 100 courageous men & women the opportunity to celebrate themselves with an exclusive Studio Republic VIP experience!

We have learned that when you can accept and love who you are now, you are empowered to leap forward into life. When we can see our strength, feel our worth and appreciate our uniqueness, we as humans are unstoppable.

Maybe 2019 is the year that we all start believing in ourselves, right now without condition and truly enjoy the journey and the skin we are already in.

If you are ready to SEE a new side of you, so that you can BE all you desire right now and DO everything you secretly think of but are maybe a little scared of, come and spend a few hours with us and we will give you the secret sauce for having Beyonce level confidence!

"If we celebrated ourselves as much as we criticise ourselves; life might be simply wonderful!"


This is what you get:

Your choice of shoot - you can do any style, any theme, any day

Personal Professional Makeup Artist and Stylist for a 3 hour SR VIP Experience

Professional photographer + posing direction

Personal shoot producer

Instant viewing of all your images

$100 credit towards your images

RRP: $495 +
YOU PAY: $29

Strictly limited to the first 100!

Images are available to purchase on the day & pricing can be found here.


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