When it comes to business first impressions count especially in the world of modeling, fashion and photography! So, how do you create a powerful first impression that will move someone to want to hire you?

With images and photography that shows you off in the best light and speaks to the essence of who you are.

Studio Republic specialises in creating powerful brand images that bring your personal brand to life. Illuminating you and the values of your offering, we will give you the extra edge you need to have people not only stop by your social pages but want to connect.

Your images are your business card. Make them powerful.

A good image shows your best features. A great image tells the story of who you are.


When you invest in a Studio Republic photoshoot and products you are investing in your own future joy.

You will have your own personal team of award-winning creative professionals working with you to create a style that has you feel confident, beautiful and bold and then produce images that make you feel invincible, as you are, in this moment, right now.

Specialising in all styles of solo shoots and plus ones (you know when someone else – friend, partner, pet is with you) we are leaders in transformational photography and work with you every step of the way to create images that inspire you and celebrate you. Your personal production team will guide you in every aspect of your experience including but not limited to:

Styling – we will work with you to create the perfect look – from clothes, to hair, make-up and set. Before and during your shoot we will personalise your look and style to create images that are authentic, expressive and beautiful. We will create images that make you go WOW.

Posing – there is no need to fear the flash when you have a Studio Republic eye behind the lens. We know how to help everyday women and men to stand, twist, turn, smile and shine so that you not only look great, you look like a natural!

Enjoyment – many people find the idea of getting a professional photoshoot a bit scary and we get it – you are trusting us to capture you, you are exposing yourself and you are stepping up to the plate and saying I am here, this is me!

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